I would like to buy a good vacuum cleaner , but it is not clear how to choose the right equipment? Which option is better: bag, container or aquafilter? Does it make sense to buy a “cleaner” who washes the floor? Should I take a “robot”? The article will help you make a decision. We covered four main parameters to help you choose a decent model. At firts, read reviews.

The article discusses the types of vacuum cleaners and their features. You can also talk about how to choose a home vacuum cleaner according to the noise level, what filters are and why the power with which it draws in dust is important. Here are the capabilities of the supplied attachments and add-ons. All this will help you choose the best cleaner and make the right decision.

Vacuum cleaner suction power

Two capacities can be seen in the passports of devices:

  • Power consumption indicator (reports how many kilowatts the device spends).
  • Suction power indicator (reflects the force with which the device draws in dust).

The quality of surface cleaning depends on the “diligence” with which the vacuum cleaner picks up debris. Distinguish between maximum and average suction power – both indicators are measured in aerowatts.

If, after the first 5 minutes of cleaning, it became noticeable that the vacuum cleaner pulls weaker, do not worry. This is not a breakdown, but a feature of these devices: for the first five minutes, any vacuum cleaner (for example, LG VK69661N ) works at full strength, and already at the sixth minute, a decrease in traction is noted – the power has moved to an average value. That is why it is recommended to start with the most difficult part of the carpet. To choose the right vacuum cleaner, you need to focus on the average value, because cleaning takes longer than five minutes.

Remember! When the bag is full, even the average dust extraction force decreases.

The type of floor will help determine which power is best. For smooth floors, 250 air watts are sufficient. A vacuum cleaner with such an indicator will cope with carpet runners. The version with a value of 350 aerowatts will quickly “get rid of” pet hair, remove debris on carpets with thick pile.

Some devices, for example, KIVI PC714SM , are equipped with a regulator. Owners of such vacuum cleaners can control the power depending on the flooring. For example, for a smooth floor, you can set the minimum value, and for areas that have not been cleaned for a long time, you can increase the number of air watts.

Filtration capabilities

To understand which filter is best, you need to consider its type. All filters that are put into vacuum cleaners are divided into three main categories. Their types and features are marked in the table.

Filter categoryFeatures:
motor (rough cleaning)Prevents debris and dust from entering the engine.
Such filters are “eternal” and replaceable. The first option is cleaned by the user as it gets dirty, the second is thrown away.
aquafights dust better: water “nails” dust particles, preventing them from returning to the room. It is also important that such devices humidify the microclimate.
fine (e.g. HEPA )not only fight waste, but also remove allergens from the air.

Fine filtration elements, in turn, are of three types:

  1. Electrostatic . These are microfilters found in inexpensive vacuum cleaners. Retains dust particles larger than 0.3 microns. If this option is installed in a bag vacuum cleaner, then you need to change the filter when the dust container is full 5 times.
  2. S-class . Such filters prevent dust (particle size – 0.3 microns) from entering the air again. They serve for at least a year.
  3. HEPA . They are considered the most effective due to the material with very small pores. Capable of retaining particles smaller than 0.06 microns. These filters are replaceable (for example, for Rowenta ZR902501 ) and “eternal”. The first “live” for about a year (about 50 hours of vacuum cleaner operation), the second ones wash in running water. Such filters “live” while the vacuum cleaner is “alive”.

The lowest efficiency is shown by vacuum cleaners in which only a motor filter is installed. But they are inexpensive. The second place goes to the “aquafilter”, and the HEPA deserves the first place. This filtration also traps allergenic substances in the air. This option is suitable for asthmatics and people with allergies.

What are the vacuum cleaners

The main differences between vacuum cleaners are associated with the method of processing dirt, as well as the type of cleaning: dry and wet.

For dry cleaning

Bag vacuum cleaners are inexpensive: all the dirt remains in the bag. Paper bags are changed when they are full. The garbage is shaken out of the fabric – thus, they “live” longer. Paper bags are more hygienic and more convenient: dust does not stain your hands. But you have to stock up on them. In addition, you should carefully monitor the filling: they can easily break. If this is a concern, a reusable bag should be preferred. Another option is a device with an indication of the fullness of the dust container.

With container / cyclonic. They collect debris in a transparent container and rinse it in running water when they are cleared of debris.

With water or aqua filter. The function of a dust collector in such a device (for example, Thomas Perfect Air Allergy Pure ) is performed by a container with water: the bulk of the dust settles in it. The dry residue “catches” one more filter.

Cleaning the container is easy: it is rinsed in running water after the dirty water has been poured into the toilet. The advantage of a vacuum cleaner is that it humidifies the air. In addition, the suction properties are not lost, even when the container is almost full.

Washing vacuum cleaners

The device intended for “wet cleaning” is usually the same device with water filtration, but with two containers. Ariete 4242/10, for example, is just that. The first tank is for garbage, the second is filled with clean water with “soap”. In some models, the container for “soap” is separate: it is “thrown away” in portions. Water from the wash tanks is fed through a tube to the brush. 

The wet cleaning device is suitable for all types of coatings and even copes with glass cleaning. However, it is worth remembering: for “whimsical” parquet and laminate flooring, you need a nozzle that will not allow moisture to spoil the floors. This is at by Thomas Parkett to Master Master XT.

Washing vacuum cleaners are supplied with an injection filter. It picks up more dust than a standard aqua filter. And the auxiliary element of the filtration system traps the remaining dry particles.

The disadvantage lies in the complexity of the service. After each cleaning, the container must be disassembled, washed and dried, otherwise the vacuum cleaner will soon smell “rotten”. Vacuum cleaners are also heavier than conventional vacuum cleaners: two tanks of water are the reason.

Life hack: in order not to bother with parsing the container, you should take a closer look at the Thomas Wave XT Aqua-Box . Aqubox is a special filter that does not have to be disassembled after each cleaning. The box just needs to be pulled out and rinsed. Plus, this vacuum cleaner can pick up spilled liquids: you don’t need a mop with this device.

Robot vacuum cleaners

A robot vacuum cleaner is a device that vacuum itself. It is needed to keep things tidy: the device handles slightly dirty surfaces, but will not work on surfaces that have not been cleaned for several weeks.

Configuring the iRobot Roomba 696, like other models, is not difficult: all that is required from the user is to indicate the route to the device. And you can forget about cleaning.

The garbage container in robots is small when compared to other types of vacuum cleaners. The required volume of the dust container is determined by the size of the room. For 50 m2 and less, 300 ml is enough, for 60-80 squares, a half-liter tank is needed, and for territories with a larger square, a liter version is needed.

The robot vacuum cleaner has a built-in battery that is charged from the docking station. These cleaners, as a rule, themselves “come” to the station to recharge when they finish work.

Handheld vacuum cleaners and mop vacuum cleaner

With mini vacuum cleaners it is as easy as shelling pears to remove garbage from sofas or car seats. For example, Electrolux ZB6106WDT works without a wire: it will give maximum comfort.

A mop vacuum cleaner is not as tiny as a handheld device, but it is still not heavy, so it is convenient to operate it. Some devices, like the Rowenta RH8829WO , also run on a battery: the cord does not interfere with cleaning. The dust-collecting mops are designed for both smooth surfaces and carpets.

Many mop vacuum cleaners also “know how” to steam. They thoroughly remove stains and disinfect surfaces. These devices are suitable for both the floor and furniture, curtains. A steam brush and steam cleaner 15in1 from BLACK + DECKER is also equipped with a mini-vacuum cleaner for hard-to-reach places, clothes.

Suction tube

Vacuum cleaner tubes are made of metal and / or plastic. The plastic tube, like the SUPRA VCS-1475 , is lighter than the metal one, so it’s easier to clean. But the iron (like the Gorenje VC 2102 BCY IV ) is more durable.

The design of the suction tube affects the comfort of use. The two-piece tube model (eg Zanussi ZANSC05 ) is less convenient than the telescopic version (like the Bosch BGB45300 ). Before cleaning, the composite version must be assembled, and then disassembled again for compact storage.

The retractable tube is adjustable in length as the owner needs. It folds up easily and takes up less space than the stacked version. A special latch locks the pipe in a user-selected position.

Attachments and brushes

For a vacuum cleaner to clean even better, it needs all kinds of attachments. The device comes with at least two accessories – for carpet / floor and for crevices. The inexpensive ROTEX RVB18-E also has them .

The carpet and floor brush has a switch to show / hide the bristles. The crevice tool helps clean out dirt under furniture and baseboards.

Convenient brushes that rarely come in a classic set:

  • for furniture upholstered with fabric – a small brush with plush or velor inserts: it removes “little things” well, does not harm the upholstery;
  • for furniture (polished) – a brush with high, dense bristles: does not spoil the polish;
  • for parquet and laminate (for example, the Thomas brand ) – long pile protects the sensitive coating from scratches;
  • A turbo brush (mechanical or electric) is a must-have for owners of “woolen pets”: on a brush (such as Sencor SVX110TB ) there is a rotating roller with bristles, which perfectly “clings” to wool and hair. Important: using this brush will reduce the force of dust picking up.

Vacuum cleaner noise level

The operating volume of the vacuum cleaner is calculated at the factory where it is produced. The equipment is connected to the network, the measuring device with a microphone is placed about half a meter further. The process is repeated several times: the power is equal to the maximum.

Basically, the noise level of modern vacuum cleaners is between 54 and 85 dB. Manufacturers indicate these parameters in the device passports. To choose the right option, you need to know that readings above 65 dB are considered the least comfortable. For families with small children, models with a value of up to 65 dB are suitable. For example, the Miele Scout RX1 will not disturb your child’s sleep.

Remember, the tighter the room, the louder the noise is.

The volume of the vacuum cleaner also depends on its power: the higher it is, the louder the device makes. Cyclone / container models are usually the loudest, followed by water filters. For example, Beko BKS1351K works well, but loud – 80 dB. The option with a power regulator will help out.

The quietest are mops and robots. Silent “robots” are ideal for families with small children, as well as for those who work from home: the included device will not interfere.

The parameters discussed in the article will help you choose a good vacuum cleaner for an apartment or house. Need a budget option? A bag apparatus is suitable, which removes “dry”. Do you want it not to smell of dust after cleaning? Aquafilter is the right solution. Do you need to remove dust, wash floors and purify the air? A cleaning device with a HEPA filter is just that. Do you need to disinfect the floors and wash the curtains? A steam mop will do. Do you want a quiet, like a ninja, and an independent assistant? The robot is what you need. Based on characteristics and personal preferences, it is not difficult to find what you like and financially.

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