Many now dream of their own home. To build a house, maternal capital will greatly help. But this money should be spent with maximum benefit. Perhaps you do not have enough funds to build a full-fledged house.

In this case, you can spend maternity capital on the construction of the cottage. This option is cheaper. The cottage is not necessarily two-story with an area of ​​one hundred squares. You can and a more modest house. If only there was enough space for sleep and shelter from the rain. In the summer, most of the time the family and children will still be outdoors or on the veranda. Contact the company that produces the construction of houses from turnkey logs. Then the issues of material and construction quality will fall on the shoulders of a contractor who has specialists and a desire to preserve his reputation. Experts are better than you versed in wood and architecture, will recommend the material and design according to your means.

In principle, since we are talking about a summer residence, it doesn’t make much sense to use a beam for building a house, unless it is much cheaper. But then you have to repaint the walls to extend the life of the house. Turnkey branded manufacturing does not remove the problem of maintaining the building during operation.

A log house is less whimsical to maintain, especially if it is larch. This tree is not afraid of any frost, water, heat, the most fire-resistant wood of the available species, and is less prone to rot. But naturally, larch is more expensive than pine logs.

In any case, it is necessary to protect the wood. The ends of logs and other wooden parts are regularly treated with protective equipment.

Another option is to save on the construction of the cottage, order not a turnkey construction, but a set of parts. Modern computer programs allow you to plan the processing of logs for your project, of course with a certain accuracy that the machines provide. Thus, you will receive a marked set of logs and other details, and you can assemble a cottage on your own and with assistants. You can order the processing of wood protective compounds. Logs will have the necessary grooves for laying and for deformation, with slots for doors and windows according to the project. Perhaps it is very useful for children to see how dad builds a house in which they will live in the country. The main thing is to observe safety precautions and terms of construction.

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