When building and landscaping, you need to think about many nuances. For those who like to do everything thoroughly, firmly and permanently, there is one excellent solution – masonry. This is a very relevant type of decor, but at the same time, they make very reliable floors, bases, and finishes. The stones are arranged in a special way and are fastened with mortar. Thanks to special building technologies, these structures are very durable.

Depending on the purpose of the masonry, you can use different types of materials and installation methods. It’s quite possible to make a decorative wall or partition yourself. In the case when the masonry will be subjected to any load, interact with other parts of the building, it is recommended to seek the help of professionals. They have at their disposal special tool kits, experience and theoretical knowledge about various stone laying methods so that the structure will be durable and beautiful.


With this type of construction work, the correctness and sequence of actions are of great importance. There are special rules that ensure the uniformity of the load, minimize the likelihood of defects, damage, chips, shifts. Therefore, it is better to entrust the laying to a specialized team. At the same time, you will receive a guarantee of quality and long service life of the design, which will be safe and reliable.

Expert advice will be needed in the selection process. Walls, poles, supports, and partitions, depending on the load and operating conditions, can be made of various parts. A professional can advise the optimal solution, which will be ideally suited for the functions, as well as for the price. After all, it does not always make sense to acquire expensive building materials if simpler analogs can be dispensed with.

Varieties of Masonry

For the construction of large and small structures, often houses, it is customary to use several different types of masonry, which differ in purpose, method of production and the materials used.

These include:

  • boot;
  • brick, including silicate;
  • a natural stone;
  • ceramics;
  • fake diamond.

Today, artificial building materials have become the most common for exterior decoration. They are sold at a fairly affordable price and have excellent performance. Ceramic and silicate brick of a new generation withstands temperature extremes and their extreme values, well resist moisture, precipitation, mechanical damage.

For internal masonry, ceramic blocks are well suited for their durability and aesthetics. They perfectly keep the temperature, which allows you to save on insulation during the construction of the house.

Natural materials also do not lose relevance. Due to their properties, they hold primacy in use for foundations and load-bearing structures. Their installation is a little more complicated, as it requires additional processing, and the cost of the material does not apply to budget costs. But such designs are created for centuries, are very high strength and reliability. Do not forget about the artistic value – natural stone looks very good on facings, external walls, basement floors.

In addition to the material, the shape of each individual element, its color, processing method and other details may differ. Different types of fastening bases are also used – often it is concrete (ordinary or reinforced), lime and mixed mortar.

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