To build a shower from a brick, skills will need very different from those used in the construction of a wooden shower. If you have never tried yourself as a mason, it’s time to pass the first test. After all, the shower – the building is not as global as a residential building, so it is ideal for acquiring the first experience or honing skills.

How to Make a Cabin of a Country Shower From a Brick

The shower cabin in which the heating installation will be installed should be made of brick. It should be simple in design, but spacious enough, so its minimum dimensions for the shower compartment are 1 X 1.25 m, for the boiler room – 0.8 X 1.25 m. It should be noted that a heater will be installed in the boiler room. Cabin height should be at least 2.2 m. It is this height that is suitable for normal water supply.

Before you build a shower in a summer house out of brick, you need to build a rectangular concrete or brick foundation, and only then proceed with the construction of the walls.

To make a shower of brick, the solution must be thoroughly mixed, otherwise, due to the gradual settling of heavy particles, it may delaminate and become inhomogeneous.

Walls should be strictly vertical. To make the structure even, it is recommended to lay it out using a level.

On the foundation with chalk, it is necessary to mark the contours of the future design, taking into account the thickness of the seam. Masonry can be carried out with ligation of vertical seams on half a brick, under the jointing. First, all the bricks of the row must be dried dry, then removed and put on the mortar.

DIY bricklaying should be done quickly. Otherwise, the thickened solution cannot be laid and evened out with a thin layer. Therefore, all halves, quarters and three-quarters of bricks need to be prepared in advance.

If you apply the mortar immediately to the entire row of masonry, it will quickly thicken, and the seam will turn out to be uneven in thickness, so it is recommended that the mortar be applied in an even layer separately to each brick. For quick and uniform application, it is necessary to lay a small amount of mortar on the corner of the brick and smudge along the edge with an inclination to the edge. Then you should expand the brick, apply the solution to its second half, forming a tubercle in the center.

The thickness of the joints of the masonry made of ordinary red brick should be no more than 5 mm. The thinner the seams, the better the erected wall. The seams during the construction of a summer shower made of brick with your own hands should be completely filled with mortar, and the internal and external surfaces should be cleaned of its excess with hands or a trowel.

To better keep the plaster on the surface of the wall, it is recommended that the joints be left unfilled to a depth of 5-10 mm. If the structure is not planned to be plastered, then the seams should be completely filled.

If the brick on the mortar is unsuccessful, do not correct it by tapping. It must be removed, clean the surface of the solution, moisten and repeat the installation.

During the construction of the summer shower, in order to provide a tie, it is recommended to lay out the walls of the half-brick staggered.

For laying external walls and partitions of the shower, it is necessary to use only clay red brick. Masonry must be carried out using a solution of a mixture of sand and cement (grade M 500) in a ratio of 4: 1. High strength and durability of the mortar depending on the quality of the cement.

It is recommended to start laying the walls by raising the corners to 3-4 rows of bricks. After that, layout horizontal rows of bricks.

As you can see in the photo, in a shower of brick walls can be erected with a single-row chain masonry, performing a dressing of seams.

At the same time, vertical (longitudinal and transverse) mortar joints should be overlapped with a brick in subsequent rows. When chain laying, the dressing should be done through a row.

One row should be arranged so that the bricks with a jagged edge go out onto the front side of the wall, located across the longitudinal axis of the wall. In the next row, the bricks should be laid with the spoon method, in which the spoon (long) face of the brick should go to the front of the wall. Bricks should be located along the longitudinal axis of the wall. When laying walls of a half brick, when only the spoon part is facing outward, material consumption and area loss can be significantly reduced.

When building a shower of brick in a summer house with your own hands in the wall opposite the door, it is recommended to make a window for ventilation and lighting in the summer. In the window of the brick cabin, you can insert an ordinary glass or a double glazed window so that you can take a shower even in cool weather.

Shower walls should be raised to a height of at least 2.5 m. To maintain the horizontal masonry, it is recommended to use a fishing line, stretched along the previously laid rows. Each row laid out must be aligned exactly on the fishing line. The verticality of the walls to be erected should be regularly checked using a professional building level or a plumb line in the form of a fishing line with cargo. Excess mortar formed during masonry must be cleaned with a trowel.

Brickwork can not be hidden if it was carried out by perfect smooth brick, and the seams were made into a wasteland and were finished with concave embroidery. The finished masonry can be rubbed – moistened with water and sanded with ordinary red brick. Brick dust will give shade to the clay mortar of the joints and fill the pores of the masonry.

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