The Device of the Roof and Doors of a Brick Shower in the Country

After the walls of the country shower are built of brick, you can proceed to the roof device. To make a flat roof for a summer shower, you will need a wooden beam with a cross-section of 50 X 100 mm and an iron sheet 2 mm thick.

To give the structure additional strength, the beam must be placed on the edge, on the brick base of the walls. Each stacked timber should be interspersed with a neighboring brick-timber. To do this, lay two more rows of bricks. When the solution completely hardens, the entire structure should be covered with a metal sheet. The metal must be fixed to the wooden base using self-tapping screws. Previously, holes should be drilled in it.

After the roof of the brick, the shower is installed in the country, it is recommended to start manufacturing the door.

If the shower is assembled from slate, then the door is quite simple to make. To do this, you need to hang the fourth sheet of slate loops on an additional beam with the opening part to the supporting column. This additional beam does not need to be dug into the ground, it is enough just to attach it to the skin.

Look at the photo – in the summer shower of brick, you can use a regular curtain instead of a door, made of a dense but lightweight material.

So that it does not swing open even with a strong wind, it is recommended to make additional fastenings for it.

In addition, you can install a plastic accordion door, which is commercially available in almost every specialized store.

Even a novice master can install such a door.

To do this, with the help of self-tapping screws, the upper guide plate should be attached to the shower floor, and the side plate must be fixed to the doorway. Then, the door rollers must be inserted into the upper guide rail, and snap one edge of the door into the side rail.

Nevertheless, for a summer shower of brick, it is recommended to install a tightly closing door so that there are no drafts. In this case, it is necessary to provide that it does not wedge due to moisture.

It is necessary to mount a ready-made door frame and equip it with special overhead seals. A sufficiently large gap between the sealant and the door will help prevent the door from wedging, and the two circuits in the sealant will allow you to save heat.

How to Build a Shower Floor in a Brick Cottage

After installing the door in the shower of brick in the country, you can proceed to the device of the floor. A prerequisite for a summer shower is the presence of gaps in the floor so that water can drain into them. On the horizontal bars, which are fixed with the lower edges to the supporting columns, at a height of 10-15 cm above the soil level, it is necessary to lay a wooden floor. The bars should never touch the ground. The natural slope of the soil and a sufficient number of gaps between the floorboards can provide a good outflow of water.

In cool or windy weather, through these crevices, cold air can be blown into the shower, which will create discomfort for taking water procedures.

From the effect of soapy water, the bars located directly under the shower itself and next to it can quickly become worthless, so it is recommended that you place the shower with such a floor on the lower edge of the site where the territory is not used. You can fill up the earthen floor in the built shower cubicle with gravel and compact it with a rammer. It should not be concreted, it is necessary to allow the flowing water to soak into the soil.

In order not to take a shower on a cold and wet floor, it is advisable to cover it with a wooden grill, which must be made 5-10 cm smaller than the floor size. In this case, to dry it can easily be taken out of the booth.

The most practical option, in which there is no contamination of the earth with detergents, are old concrete slabs laid on the ground. It is recommended to place a grid of wooden beams on them, pre-treated with a liquid against decay.

The grill can be made of purely planed and varnished wood strips with a section of 20 x 40 mm. Reiki can easily be fastened together using self-tapping screws. Soapy water will also drain from this floor, but in this case, it is easy to direct it into the gutter and discharge it to the gutter.

For a brick summer shower, you can also use a special tray, the water from which is drained using a hose.

Video “DIY shower made of bricks” will help you better understand the technology of building construction.

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