A high-quality orthopedic mattress is an expensive thing that requires proper care, careful operation and special storage conditions in case of “downtime”.

For example, the owners of summer cottages or country houses such a need may arise in the autumn-spring period when the use of mattresses is limited to 1-2 nights per month.

On average, the life of an orthopedic mattress is 7-10 years, however, provided that it is properly stored, it can easily be extended for another 2-3 years.

How to Store a Mattress in the Country so That It Does Not Lose Its Qualities?

So, acquiring an orthopedic in advance and not being able to use it for some time for its intended purpose, or “preserving” your summer house for the period of winter frosts, it is necessary to provide this product with favorable storage conditions.

This is not so difficult to do, the main thing is to observe the following rules:

  • Store the mattress only in a horizontal position on a smooth, even surface. Storage in an upright position is unacceptable since there is a high probability of damage to the internal structures of the product and the loss of all its orthopedic qualities;
  • the storage location of the mattress should be located away from direct sunlight and heating appliances;
  • the room should be dry, well ventilated;
  • it is advisable to store the mattress in its original packaging if it is missing, you need to wrap the product with dense polyethylene.

It is also not advisable to load the mattress during the period of “downtime”, placing any objects on it for long-term storage, otherwise, the internal structure that supports the body during sleep will be irretrievably damaged. In this case, you will have to purchase a new product.

In addition, it is important to properly operate the mattress, even if this happens rarely, such as in a summer house. Over time, any mattress can be crumpled and caked to one degree or another, therefore, it is recommended from time to time to turn it over and swap the “legs” and “head”, “face” and “wrong side”. In order for any mattress to fulfill all the orthopedic functions assigned to it and to serve properly, it is necessary to carry out such a procedure at least once every 2-3 months.

Observing the rules for the use and storage of orthopedic mattresses, it is possible to increase the service life of this product that brings joy and comfort. If it was not possible to preserve the properties and external water of the mattress, you will have to buy a 90×190 mattress and having learned from its mistakes to use it and store it in accordance with all the rules.

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