The most popular material for home craftsmen is wood, and nothing better than track saws for working with wood has not yet been invented. Cutting “lining” for a bathhouse, a picket fence for a fence, boards for benches, and a booth for a dog – all these works are updated during the summer period. But the work process should be approached very carefully because a circular saw is a traumatic tool. One wrong move and you risk being left without fingers.

How to use

Circular saws are designed for straight cuts and are therefore easy to use. The workpiece itself does not have to be fixed immovably, it is enough to press down with your knee to the stool and cut it off in the right place. It should be noted that it is important for the job to choose the right saw blade. To do this, you must know three parameters:

  • disc diameter;
  • bore diameter;
  • suitable disc type.

Types of disks by a purpose:

  • A – chipboard, aluminum, plastic.
  • B – universal discs for wood with high cutting quality.
  • C – for hard and softwood species, as well as MDF, chipboard.
  • D – universal discs for fast and rough cutting.
  • E – for high-quality cuts in softwood.
  • P – for fast and rough cutting of softwood.

Safety engineering

Conventionally, all circular saws can be divided into hand-held and circular saws. The latter are small machines with a disk fixed in them, in relation to which you move the workpiece.

To work with a hand-held circular saw:

  1. Check its serviceability (you can simply turn it on by weight).
  2. Check that the blade type is suitable for the material being cut and that it is securely attached to the spindle.
  3. Check the integrity of the disc, the absence of cracks, and the presence of all victorious soldering on the teeth.
  4. Use a face shield or at least safety glasses.
  5. Do not switch on the hand-held circular saw with the blade against the workpiece, the blade must be free.
  6. Do not press down hard on the tool to avoid overloading it.
  7. Clean the saw after work, especially the moving parts.

To work with a circular saw:

  1. All circulars are made under right-handed people, so sit to the left of the workpiece.
  2. Before starting work, check that there are no nails or other metal elements in the header.
  3. If there are large knots in the wood, at the moment the disc approaches them, you need to slightly slow down the rate of advance of the workpiece due to the hardness difference.
  4. If it is necessary to replace the disc, the machine must be completely de-energized by removing the plug from the socket.
  5. Before starting work with the circular saw, you need to start the blade and wait until it picks up speed. It is forbidden to immediately feed the workpiece, and even more so to abut it against a static saw blade.
  6. You need to move the workpiece using special pushers. As a last resort, with your hands on either side of the saw blade, but not on the same axis with it.

Using these simple rules, you can easily use a circular saw in your home workshop.

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