A solid wooden fence is installed if there is a need to protect your site from unwanted looks. Perhaps a plank fence will not protect against the penetration of strangers, but it will hide personal possessions from a general view. How to choose a fence, and what materials are needed for its manufacture is a topical issue for all summer residents, so use the recommendations below.

The fence is an important element of any site that performs many different functions: it defines boundaries, hides the territory from prying eyes and protects the house, the plot and its owners from uninvited guests. Even a small hedgerow, not to mention deaf wooden fences, concrete or metal structures, serves as a psychological obstacle to an attacker and significantly complicates his path to your runoffs. Deaf fences in the country can be quite complex capital structures or lighter structures, but in any case, they are an integral part of the arrangement of a country house and can become a real decoration of the entire site.

How to Choose a Fence for a Summer Residence

Quite often there is a need to have a fence with a continuous coating (for example, if there is a busy road near your site). In this case, a boardwalk (deaf) fence will protect your site from dust and debris, and you from the prying eyes of passers-by. To make such a fence is not much more difficult than a picket fence

  1. When installing a blank fence, it must be taken into account that an additional load will be placed on the poles, therefore, digging holes under the poles, another 150-200 mm (half the height of the column) should be added to the estimated depth.

For cladding a wooden fence, the edged board is most often used with a thickness of 12-25 mm and a width of 120-200 mm. Usually, it is fixed vertically. Given the increased weight of the skin, an additional sludge should be added.

In the event that the plank is mounted horizontally, do not use it. Their role is played by supporting bars, which are vertically attached to the sides of the posts.

A more original is a board fence, boards, the plating of which is fixed horizontally. True, this will require additional time for you when cutting boards. As in the case of vertical fastening of boards, with horizontal, they are also fixed on the sleds.

The best quality surface of the fence will turn out if you use a lining instead of aboard. Between themselves, the lining panels are fixed using a tongue-and-groove connection, for which a ridge is made on the ends on one side and a groove on the other. To fasten the lining panels to the sills, you can use nails or self-tapping screws. This is the easiest way, but when using it, the caps of the fasteners are visible on the front surface of the lining. Therefore, in order for the finish to be the most beautiful and high-quality, the distance between the heads of the nails (screws) must be the same, and they must be located strictly on the same line.

A more complex, but neat way to fix the lining is to hammer a nail into the lower edge of the groove, while its hat is recessed into the wood.

  1. At the end of the assembly of the fence, treat all wooden parts with an antiseptic impregnation, and then cover with several layers of varnish or paint.

Making a fence with your own hands is not difficult. It can be built from various materials. There are many of them, and each has its own characteristics. When selecting, one should proceed from how easily the selected material is combined with those already present in the structure. You should also consider the price of the material and your ability to work with it.

So, we choose a fence for giving in accordance with the recommendations of specialists.

Choose the Type of Fence for a Summer Residence

The choice of the type of fence and materials for its manufacture depends on the following factors:

  • For the correct installation of support poles, you need to know the type of soil.
  • It should be remembered that clay soils have a heaving effect, especially during frosts, which can lead to the displacement of support pillars.
  • High solid fences have significant windage and can collapse from strong gusts of wind.
  • The material and design of the fence must fully comply with safety requirements, be reliable and durable.
  • The color of the fence (preferably light gray, ocher, brown) should be in harmony with the natural environment.
  • The fence, of course, must be combined with the architecture of the house and the landscape of the site.

The type, method of manufacture and installation of the fence is determined primarily by the functions that it will perform. From the side of the street, the territory can be fenced with a high dull capital fence or a light trellised structure. Between adjacent sections, to prevent shading of the territory of neighbors, fences from a fence or metal mesh are installed, as well as hedges.

Fences can be wooden, stone, metal. Each of these materials has its followers. Some people like it when fences are made of carefully selected natural stones, while others prefer monolithic and high brick fences. A beautiful fence can also be built of wood.

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