The heating system of any country house should provide a comfortable temperature for living, be reliable, safe, economical and, if possible, serve as an interior decoration. The Norwegian company Jotul meets all these requirements.

Jotul, founded in 1853, is the world’s largest manufacturer of stoves and fireplaces. Its factory in Fredrikstad manufactures annually up to 50,000 units of products delivered to 50 countries.

In Norway, the company’s products are installed in 50-75% of houses with stove heating. Their popularity is due to high consumer properties and equipment durability.

The quality of cast iron for stoves and fireplaces is continuously monitored throughout the entire manufacturing process, from melting and molding to visual inspection when packaging finished goods.

In combination with high technical equipment of production, this ensures the quality and reliability of all products and allows the manufacturer to install a 10-year warranty on it. Jotul stoves and fireplaces meet the requirements of the international quality standard ISO 9001 and the technical regulations of the Russian Federation, have a certificate of conformity.

One of the advantages of cast-iron wood-burning stoves and Jotul fireplace inserts is their efficiency. One bookmark of firewood is enough for a whole night of work, after 10-15 minutes. after kindling, the room becomes warm. In the presence of a hot air distribution system, the area of ​​heating by fireplaces can reach 200 m 2.

Wood-burning stoves heat up to 100 m 2 of living space, their double-combustion chamber converts up to 90% of the thermal gases and small unburned particles contained in the smoke into heat energy, and the double walls of the body make this process even more efficient.

A distinctive feature of all products is their impeccable classic style, repeatedly marked by the Norwegian Design Council.

Products with enamel finishes in a variety of colors can decorate any, even the most fashionable, interior. The magic of live fire is inherent not only in the fireplace but also in the Jotul stove since the burning system of the latter allows you to avoid sooty firebox windows.

All products available in the store are sold at factory prices and are provided with a corporate 10-year warranty. Our highly qualified specialists will help you navigate in a wide range and choose a model that has all the characteristics necessary for the consumer. Purchased goods can be picked up independently (pickup) or order delivery anywhere in the country.

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