To make a good quality pizza you first need the right ingredients and a good pizza chef, but it is not enough, in fact an exceptional oven is also essential. In pizzerias, wood-fired ovens are usually used, but there are also effective solutions to bake a good pizza at home, with a pizza oven. You will have to go and choose them mainly according to the temperature reached.

How to choose

A pizza oven to be used at home must be chosen with care. You’ll have to start by analyzing what is the method it uses to feed itself, then move on to what is its shape and size, then go on to analyze its capacity and finish by taking a look at possible accessories that can be included in the basic kit. Let’s go and find out more about it.

The type of power supply

Pizza ovens can be at

  • wood;
  • electrical;
  • gas.

The wood-burning oven is the best version, which will allow you to cook the pizza in a workmanlike manner, but it will require a special housing, in fact you will not be able to go and use it as a portable oven.

The electric oven is the most popular version. They are formed by two shells on top of each other. In the lower half, where you’re going to place the pizza, there’s some refractory stone, while on the upper half there’s the serpentine. These are the ones that allow you to obtain a fast cooking, with a very precise control of the temperature and that does not involve the consumption of gas. However, they are not wood-fired ovens.

The gas oven. They are functional and widespread, but require the use of gas to work, so they involve an additional cost and the pizza you get is not particularly tasty.

The dimensions

The best versions are the smaller ones, which you can go and use anywhere, since they are portable models. If you don’t have space problems there are the large versions, the garden/exterior versions, which you can use as a wood-burning oven.

Capacity and cooking time. As for the capacity of a home pizza oven, it should be high enough to cook at least two pizzas, because the ones that can hold only one will force you to wait before sitting down at the table. In case they are only for one pizza, check when the time it takes to bake it completely.


The presence of accessories will give a thousand points in favour of one product instead of another. Usually there is always a wooden pizza dustpan and a timer.

Other features

The use of refractory stone in the construction of the pizza oven is important. In fact, ovens made with refractory stone are able to reach high temperatures more quickly, therefore cooking faster, avoiding burns and allowing to keep the temperature level constant. Negative aspects are only those related to cleaning, which requires more care.

Cleaning & Maintenance

A few words must be spent on the cleaning factor. Choose the oven that is easiest to clean, if you want a product that is above all functional.

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